General information



PAWS TO LEARN uses clicker training and other reward based methods. We do not use punishment, aversive techniques or equipment. Training is safe and fun for the dogs and owners.


Small friendly groups with a maximum of 6 dogs. Each handler and dog receive a lot of individual help and attention.

Small classes minimise noise levels so everyone can hear the instructions, see the demonstrations and have enough space to work safely.

Classes are informal and friendly to encourage mutual support, not competition.

Jo, my assistant is present at many classes.


I prefer to run courses rather than roll on/roll off sessions. By knowing the needs of each dog and handler I can plan the exercises to encourage progression. People then get to know each other and feel more relaxed.

A friendly, calm environment is essential if you and your dog are to learn.

Each course is planned to meet the needs of the dogs in attendance. Puppies and adolescents, or untrained adult dogs have specific requirements, so they begin their training on separate courses.

“Senior” dogs can also benefit from training as it keeps their minds active. This is especially important if their health limits the duration of their daily walks.


Please see “One to One” page.


“I’m not too old to learn, but I may need more practice before I remember things.”