Buying a puppy


Do your homework first or your heart may rule your head........

Choose a reputable breeder.

They will:

- ask you a LOT of questions

- be happy to answer your questions

- offer after sales advice

- take the puppy back if you find that you cannot keep it

- have done all the health tests relevant for the breed and have the certificates to show you

- have the Kennel Club registration certificates (if a pedigree breed) for the parents or a copy of the sire’s certificate if they do not own him.

If either parent seems fearful, aggressive or very excitable this might be reflected in the pups so think VERY carefully before buying.

Check that the puppies:

are living indoors or in a good kennel environment and that the breeder has begun their socialisation

have plenty of toys to play with and a varied, safe environment to explore

have been gently handled from an early age

are being fed a good quality diet

Choose a puppy that is calm and willing to approach you but not one that is overly “pushy”, nervous or aggressive.


See the puppy
with the dam
and littermates

If possible also see the sire but this may not be practical if he lives many miles away

Look for a relaxed
and friendly dam